Varus deformity is an inward angulation (medial angulation, that is, toward the body’s mid-line) of the distal segment of a leg.

Knee Varus Deformity

                                                                             Knee Varus Deformity

→ When the knee is not perfectly aligned, otherwise known as malaligned.
→ Malalignment of the knees is more frequently seen in toddlers, and fortunately, the legs will straighten out as the child grows and matures.

→ Less commonly, knee malalignment is caused by a congenital condition like Blount’s disease or the nutritional disorder Rickets (from vitamin D deficiency).

→ In adults, knee malalignment can be caused by knee trauma, or arthritis, especially rheumatoid arthritis.

→ Lateral knee trust and waddling gait pattern also leads to genu varus.

→ Radiological examination : x-ray taken form AP and Lateral view
→ Varus stress test by physiotherapist.


Gradual knee mobilization is the main part of the treatment.

                                  Knee Brase

Gluties Muscles Strengthening

Some heat modalities may be given for relief of pain. Like IFT, SWD, TENS are given.
Strengthening exercises for quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteus muscles are given.

Hmastring Strengthning

When the patient is able to walk, he is given correct training for standing, balancing, weight transferring and walking.

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  1. Hi I have a varus misalightment with a mishapen left knee and would appreciate what excercise I could undertake to preserve the other knee from developing a similar problem
    Also woud you recommend a knee brace that would help partly straighten the knee and offer an opportunity to help correct my walking I do from time to time use a walking stick in the street though indoors no problem at all Also when I have had occasion to dance to music there was no cause for anxiety
    Appreciate your help
    Geoff Garfield


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