Quadriceps Muscle : Action Star Muscle Of Our Body

Quadriceps femoris muscle Detail :

Quadriceps Muscle

The quadriceps femoris  also called simply the quadriceps or Knee extensor is a large muscle group that Covers Front Of Thigh And the four muscles Group That Makes One Strongest Muscle Of The Lower Limb ( on the front of the thigh).

It is the super extensor muscle of the knee, forming a Bulky fleshy mass That Comes the front and sides of the femur.

Quadriceps subdivided into four Muscle portions or  Muscle ‘heads’::


Quadriceps Muscle Anatomy

Origin :

    Rectus femoris :   This Muscle Located At Centre Of The Thigh And Covers All Other Three Muscles. Origin Of The Rectus Femoris is On The Ilium.

the middle of the thigh, covering most of the other three quadriceps muscles. It origination on the ilium. It is named from its straight course.
          The All three lie deep to rectus femoris and origination is from the body of the femur, which they cover from the trochanters to the condyles:
        Vastus lateralis :  on the lateral side of the femur
        Vastus medialis : on the medial side of the femur
        Vastus intermedius lies between vastus lateralis and vastus medialis on the front of the femur and Deep To Rectus Femoris. Palpation Of This Muscle Action Is Difficult.

Insertion :

All four parts of the quadriceps muscle :y insert into the tuberosity of the tibia, Through the patella, where the quadriceps tendon becomes the patellar ligament, which then attaches to the tibia.

There is a fifth muscle of the quadriceps complex that is often forgotten are  called articularis genu.

Rarely Seen Muscle is The Tensor Vastus intermedius is six Muscle Seen In Quadriceps Group.

Nerve Supply :  Femoral Nerve.

Action :

Quadriceps Muscle Exercise

All four quadriceps are powerful extensors of the knee joint. They are crucial in Day To Day Activity Like walking, running, jumping and squatting.

Rectus Femoris is also Hip Flexor With Other Hip Flexor Assistance.  This action is also crucial to walking or running as it swings the leg forward into the ensuing step.

 The vastus medialis stabilizing the patella and the knee joint during gait.

This Muscle is Prime Importance , Because Of Our Daily Activity , Mostly And Highly Use Quadriceps , Physiotherapist And Orthopedic Give Prime Importance To Their Rehabilitation Program To Train And Develop Quadriceps As Early As Possible.
This Muscle Require Regular Attention To  Exercise And Lenthen Properly – To Walk , Stand Properly, And Live Healthy Life.

How To Strenthen & Stretch Muscle :


Quadriceps Action During Running

In strengthing training, the quadriceps are trained by Too Many Way of exercises. Effective exercises include the squating and leg press.

Isotonic Exercise For Quadriceps is the leg extension exercise With Weight Cuff.

Stretching Of Quadriceps is in Prone Position With Knee Fully Flexed And With Hip Extension is Require.

Running , Squatting  Are Famous Form Of Exercise In Which Quadriceps Are Highly Use.

In Body building communities, Quadriceps muscle is  referred to as the “leg triceps”.

In Sport Person , Specially Footballers, Gymnastics, Hockey Player Other Forms Of Competitive Outdoor Games Require Bulky And Lengthening  Quadriceps And That’s Why They Most Doing Regular Stretching And Strengthening Exercise.

Regular Strengthening And Stretching Exercise Avoid Too Many Lower limb Disease Like OA Knee And Ligament Injury.

Stretching Exercise Of Quadriceps On Standing Postion

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