What is the fitness:-
fitness is not only means to physically fit by the mental stauts is also important.If the person physically fit,but the mentally ill it will not able to functionly optimally.physical and mental fitness play very important role in your lives and people who are both,physically and mentally fit are less prone to medical condition as well.

Why fitness is important in life:-
Decrease risk of disease
Feel great physically
Look better
Sleep better
Relieve stress
Control weight
Reduced fat
Build overall strenghth and endurance
Keep in shape so you can enjoy leisure activities
Avoid injury and safely perform work and home chores
Increase mental and social wellbeing

Who needs physical fitness:-
Everyone needs stay active in their life beacuse of busy work and home lives.througout childhood to old age maintain exercise regimen.

Less physical activity risk:-
Anxiety, stress, and feelings of depression.
Developing many preventable conditions, such as high blood pressure, coronary heart diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis, colon cancer, and obesity.
Dying prematurely.

How to maintain fitness:-

Swimming – Swimming is maintain healthy weight, heart and lungs.
 Jogging/Running – Both are form of aerobic exercise,but running required higher level of fitness than to jogging.
Aerobics – It will help in cholesterol,reduce type 2 diabetes,improve immunity,lower the BP,burn up the calories.
Strengthing/Streaching – It will help in body flexibility and mobility.
 Jumba – It is a one of the dance form.In jumba the cardio movment is invloved help to boost your heart rate and  ultimately improve your heart and lung function.

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