Physiotherapy Technique

Here We Update All Technique Like Roods Technique And Detail

Exercise Detail


INTRODUCTION:- Lordosis is a condition where there is an increased inner curvature of the spine in lumbar region. CAUSES:- It’s also called lower cross syndrom….

Exercise Detail


INTRODUCTION:- Kyphosis is an abnormally excessive covex (too much forward curve) of the spine. CAUSES:- Postural round-back Scheuermann’s Disease Congenital Kyphosis Kyphosis associated with neuromuscular…



SCOLIOSIS PHYSIOTHERAPY MANGEMENT INTRODUCTION:- Scoliosis is a lateral curvature of spine. it is mostly in c shape and also in s shape. SYMPTOMS:- Signs and…

Congenital Deformity


INTRODUCTION:-   Spina bifida (SPLIT SPINE) Spina bifida is one of the neural tube defect.In which the failure of the fusion of two vertebral arches in…